In this method, we use industrial principles that are applied to your administration environment. By using specialized methods, we can quickly stabilise and optimise client processes and design tools and procedures to streamline them.

Segregated Networks

We create dedicated (segregated) network connections for individual clients

Minimal Costs

Cooperation without the need to design and program new software solutions. We will use your current tools more efficiently.

Based on years of experience in document processing and back-office processes across different industries, we as a company have identified trends and processes that are common to many businesses and back-office departments, no matter what customer’s end business. We have transformed these experiences into our own know-how, which enables us to effectively combine processes and tasks and optimally manage the workload of our employees. Today, we reach the level of their utilisation within working hours of up to 96-97%.

The results of the workload that we achieve are comparable to those achieved in industrial companies, unlike the administration, where the results of statistics are at much lower level – at a level of about 55-65%.

Our employees and processes are organised by the industrial line logic to minimise the scope of their work as well as unused time.

The benefit for the end client is that we can ensure compliance with a high level of quality in a pre-agreed timeframe without the end-user having to bear the cost of the time when its internal employees are not sufficiently utilised.

This form of collaboration usually applies to the following cases:

  • Providing critical or sensitive administrative processes that require additional investment on part of the client

  • A perspective or need for process optimisation – running processes assessment and optimised solution design

  • Maintaining of running processes that are not client’s core business

The use of the service is not subject to the extent of the cooperation. The process is suitable for simple activities as well as the activities covering the entire department and their takeover at 1:1 ratio.

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