This service centralizes and standardizes the reception or sending of mail. It means defining one entry or exit point for correspondence, registration, and getting an overview of the number of shipments, costs, and optimisation possibilities.

Increase the Efficiency

Leave your mailroom activities to us and focus on your core business. We have been in the processing of incoming mail business for over 17 years.

Cost Reduction

Achieve significant savings in your mail processing activities which will get the mail out to the right people at the right time.

Advantages of digitalization

  • Registration of incoming and outgoing mail

  • Classification and sorting of shipments according to customer criteria

  • Delivering physical or digital documents within the company

  • Tracking the circulation of physical mail from delivery to the company all the way to the specific person

  • Off-line and On-line reporting

Within this service, we offer to our partners:

  • Opening and maintaining a PO BOX under the name that the partner defines

  • For multinational companies we provide so-called services process HUB (redirecting shipments across multiple countries to one place in Slovakia)

  • Picking up mail in the PO Box or directly at the client’s branches

  • Upon processing, registered filing directly in our premises

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