Fulfilment is an efficient and modern logistics solution for online businesses. We provide complete services for e-commerce from order receiption to distribution to the client.

Under one roof

We will provide all necessary processes according to valid legislation. You will be informed about the actions taken and you will receive complete documentation of all processes in place.

Fast and Efficient

Quality, speed and efficiency will be the pillars of our cooperation. If you move your order processing and logistics to us, you can fully focus on your online business.

What does the fulfilment service include:

  • Regular reception of orders

  • Inventory check

  • Order assembly and packing process

  • Postal and other administrative services

  • Labeling and printing of other documents

  • Transport and distribution (Pick & Ship)

  • Processing of Returns

  • Printing Services – printing of invoices, printing and enveloping of documents, postal services

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