We provide comprehensive packaging and distribution services, including postal services. Receiving and storing your goods and sending them to the end customer directly from our packing centre in Bratislava.


We will store your goods on pallets, shelves or in cardboard boxes keeping a detailed record it.

Dispatching of Orders

We will provide you with the most efficient model for delivering goods to customers, whether by courier or postal service.

We offer a range of warehousing services for importing, collecting, storing, handling and distribution of goods to our end customers:

  • Registration of Goods

  • Stock status is available through the web portal

  • Optional integration with client systems

  • Import of Goods – we cover import procedures, customs documents and operative processing

  • Checking Packing Lists and Delivery Notes against the actual status

  • There are several different transport methods available (Fedex, DHL, DPD, etc.)

  • Insurance of Goods

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