The temporary bonded warehouse serves as the short-term storage of goods which are still out of free circulation in the EU and where it is not possible or desirable to decide immediately on their next customs status.

This type of warehouse is usually used for imports from non-EU countries. The goods may be held in a temporary bonded warehouse for a maximum of 90 days and the payment of the tax shall be deferred until the decision of next destination.

Until it is released into free circulation

We will ensure complete and safe storage until the package is redirected to another destination or re-exported to a non-EU country by a customs decision.

Gradual release

There is also the possibility of goods being released gradually. Its dynamic distribution to the destination based on a customs decision can be left to us.

Advantages of temporary warehouse with us:

  • We will take care of your shipment

    We will take care of your package physically and organise complex administrative tasks

  • Arranging for a redistribution

    We will organise redistribution immediately upon delivery of the customs decision

  • Package tracking

    You have tracking of your packages at all times and all processes comply with the applicable legislation

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